Benefits of Co-Working

Get out of the house! In addition to leaving your coffee table “desk” at home, there are many benefits of co-working today. From networking with others in the community to enjoying a location that is within walking distance to downtown, the benefits add up quickly! The perks are also complimented with affordability while co-working offers a WAY more cost efficient option than renting an office. 

For even more benefits that go beyond the free coffee, let’s take a look at the science around co-working where studies show the following…

Productivity & Efficiency


Report higher earnings


Report they are more relaxed than working at home


Report improved focus


Report they are better able to complete work on time

Increased Well-Being


Report being HAPPIER!


Report feeling more confident

Community & Networking Opportunities


Report being more engaged & motivated

Flexibility & Cost Efficiency


More cost effective than renting an office

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